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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Way Towards The Prevention of Osteoporosis Through The Sri Lankan Diet -Part I| ඔස්ටියොපොරෝසිස් වලට තිත තියන දේශීය ආහාර වට්ටෝරුවක් මෙන්න I-කොටස

Source from:The International Coolhunting Magazine
Osteoporosis - condition of very low amounts of bone mass. Resulting in a high frequency of broken bones, especially at the hip and spine.

Osteopenia - moderate decrease in bone quantity (less than in osteoporosis). There are preventative steps, otherwise it will lead to osteoporosis, which causes the vertebra (bones in the spine) to collapse together, in turn the spine curves in the chest area (Dowager’s hump) causing a woman to become shorter.
Source from: Medline Plus
During childhood and early adult life the bone mass increases, it reaches the maximum amount when you turn 30 years. Normally, new formed bone tissue balances the amount of bone tissue that gets broken down and absorbed by your body (bone turnover). After menopause in women, and in some older men, there may be a breakdown of bone leading to osteoporosis. If you have osteoporosis, more bone is broken down than is formed and your bones become extremely weak.

At risk groups for Osteoporosis:
  • Thin or underweight (about 25% of the Sri Lankan population is underweight)

  • Older

  • Female

  • In men, decreasing function in the testicles and loss of sex hormones increase risks

  • Using some medications

  • Smoking

  • Consumption of too much alcohol

Or if you have:
  • Completed menopause (with age, womens ovaries stop functioning during menopause. These small organs, which had produced eggs each month, no longer make the hormone oestrogen. Oestrogen helps to protect bone. The other reasons for oestrogen loss include removal of the ovaries).

  • A family history of osteoporosis

  • Absent menstrual periods

  • An inactive lifestyle

  • A diet low in calcium

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Around 20 years of age, the average woman has acquired 98% of her skeletal mass. Building strong bones during childhood and adolescence can be the best defence against developing osteoporosis later.

What do you know about osteoporosis and prevention? Think about it and leave comments. Our next post will be about several preventative methods

Written By-
Dr. Renuka Jayatissa

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