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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Know your Body Mass Index | මම මහතයිද? මම කෙට්ටුයිද? - ශරීර ස්කන්ධ දර්ශකය මනිමු

Body Mass Index(BMI) is the single best predictor of your malnutrition state.

Remember , both "Over" nutrition and "Under" nutrition is considered "Malnutrition" and both cause trouble.

Since the height of the adults wont change, you can easily keep an eye on your BMI value by regularly measuring your weight using a correct scale.

use this software to calculate your BMI, and plot it so that you can easily see to which category you fall in to. The formula for BMI is Weight(Kg)/Height(m)^2.

Try to be in the "Normal" (Yellow) Zone, if you are deviated try to adjust your exercise + diet to achieve that zone; more regular weight measurement is also essential. Consult your family doctor if you need any help, he'll direct you to a Nutritionist for counseling.

For any nutritional/dietary information feel free to contact us on -

Nutrition information center,
Medical research institute ,
Borella , Colombo 08
0112693532-4 ext 825

PS- Please consider that in these calculations desirable BMI levels has been taken as 18.5 to 25 kg/m2 ; for the asian populations it's recommended to take the upper limit as 23.5 kg/m2

written by Dr.Wedisha Gankanda

For the Sinhalese version of this article Click Here | ๧මම ල๢ප๢๧ය๞ ස๢๜හල ප໱ව໮තනය සඳහ๟ ๧මත๠නට යන๞න. 


  1. Hi, thank you for the interesting article. I'm from Australia and I calculated my BMI and I got 17. I am 16 years old and would like more information on this. Thanks

  2. @ Tharaka, thank you for your interest in the article. above software is only applicable to people over 18years of age. Adolecents have seperate charts which compare their BMI with their age and sex.

    Therefore although your BMI seems low it should be compared with your age to come to a conclusion about your nutrition state. Await that chart very soon ....

  3. @ tharaka you can find the charts for teenagers from here

  4. ඔබේ බ්ලොග් එකනම් අනර්ඝයි මහත්මයා!මෙහෙම blog එකක් කරනවටත් ගොඩක් පින්!! ලිපි ටික පුලුවන්නම් සින්හලෙනුත් දාන්නකො!

  5. Congrats!!!!!Really great work.
    just want to highlight that it would be better if you can demarcate which zones in the WHO adolescent growth charts with-optimum BMI, Overweight, Obese and underweight; so that any one can get an idea about his/her current situation.

  6. Thank you for your comment, please refer to our sinhala post(section A), it has all the ranges seperately use this link to acess the sinhalese post

  7. I'm 115 kg male with 175cm height. I got my BMI as 37.5 I'm in the Obese class II. Although I'm doing regular excises and diet control I couldn't achieve any significant results within last two months. Could you please give some guidence on this matter. Thank you


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