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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Do I have to avoid all oils? | කෑම රස කරන තෙල් නිසි පරිදි පාවිච්චි කරමු.

No oil !!!!
Now people are scared of using oil. In Sri Lanka, we have been using coconut oil for years in cooking. I think Sri Lankan women always try to make food taste better by adding coconut oil. But, it is proven that oil has a major role in increasing risk of heart attacks and strokes. When we eat oil, they get absorbed in our gut, and then it increases fat levels in our blood. When there is an increase in fat in the blood it tends to deposit in our blood vessels as cholesterol plaques.
We need 20-30% of daily energy intake from fat. This means around three to five table spoons of oil can be consumed by a person daily. So I am sure you are looking for a safe oil to add to your food while keeping your heart healthy. Out of the types of oil available in Sri Lankan market Canola oil, Sun flower oil, Corn oil, Sesame oil and olive oil are safe to use. Next safer thing is our coconut oil. Coconut oil is better than palm oil or Margarine for cooking.
The way we use the oil is important as well as the type. Deep frying is the worst thing. In that case when oil gets over-heated its composition changes into bad fatty acids (Trans fatty acids) which make more cholesterol plaque inside our blood vessels. When adding oil to food, don’t let it heat till the dark smoke comes out. You can do it by adding little amount of water in to the pan before adding oil, so oil will get heated without overheating. None of the above oil is good for deep frying.
facts by - Dr.Renuka Jayatissa
written by Dr.Malsha Gunathilake

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  1. *I think Fat should be 20-30% of daily energy intake (or Energy recuirement) and not daily dietary intake.
    * I think you cant say directly the types of oils( canola, sun flower ect.) you mentioned are safe to use. It depends the cooking method you use. Becourse western people mainly use olive oil for salads and not for cooking
    * The main point of over heating is not formation of trans fat that is process of oxidative degradation which can cause formation of harmful compunds. Our domestic cooking want make such trans fat in deep frying or amount very small.
    Its hydration of oil makes trans fat.
    Please make this article more scientific which people can understand correct facts in correct method.
    But appreciate your effert

  2. this is a good article. please publish more articles like this

  3. Thank you very much for your valuable comment. We really need this type of comments to upgrade our services to the public.
    We will make necessary alteration in the article taking up your comments. We were trying to give facts to general public in non technical way for them to understand it better. We can add few technical articles also if others are interested.

  4. There are so many controversies on fat and oil. Many try to give their personal opinion not considering exact chemistry behind it. I think Its better if you could provide reference list of books and research which you refer to write this .Then those interested in further learning can go through.
    As far as my knowledge basically trans fats made in the process of hydrogenation of unsaturated fatty acids like in margarine production . And when you use temperatures like 500 c for long periods which you cant obtain in domestic deep frying.


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