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Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Gout" what is it? | "ගවුට්" යනු කුමක්ද?

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Gout is another type of Arthritis, like Rheumatoid Arthritis which most people know about. It is not only an arthritis, but there are other manifestations of the disease as well as kidney disease.

This is a genetic disease which comes from your parents or ancestors, the problem lies in an enzyme which breaks down the by-products of the protein in our diet. It make excess uric acid in blood which inturn deposits in joints to cause arthritis or in kidney causing glomerular nephritis.

Some people are more prone to this disease such as those who are obese, diabetic, people taking some diuretic drugs and leakeamics. Even losing weight rapidly can aggravate this condition.

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There is a long lasting state of the disease called "chronic gout" and an suddenly occurring state called "acute gout" which very painful and usually presents as arthritis around big toe.

This condition is more common in western world, however we see increasing number of cases appearing in Sri Lanka in the recent past.

Apart from the medical management using drugs like Allopurinol and pain killers, every patient must adhere to strict dietary guidelines; especially during an acute attack to control the disease. The limitations are very drastic specially at acute state; therefore the patient should be a highly motivated.

They should refrain from using all the meat, poultry and fish products; even pulses like dhal to reduce the protein consumption to at least to 60g per day. Instead, they can consume milk and milk products and nuts as alternative protein sources. In milder patients it is advisable to try no more than one item from this "banned" list per day if they wish, with caution.

The patient can consume a high carbohydrate diet. In contrary to the common norm of eating raw rice and whole grain, these people will benefit from using refined products.

There should be low fat intake; as for a normal healthy person.

Alcohol except for wine, some vegetables like spinach and cabbage will have to be opted from your menu, while your tea consumption can be maintained at nearly two cups per day.

We hope this guide would be a guide to people suffering from Gout, for more information contact our Deprtment's "Nutrition Information Center".

Based on an interview with Dr. Renuka Jayatissa (Consultant Medical Nutritionist)

Written by-
Dr. Wedisha Gankanda

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