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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Healthy Diet | නිවැරදි ආහාරයකට මඟ

What are the food groups?
There are six food groups. They provide energy and nutrients for you to be healthy.
As different groups give you different nutrients, you need food from each group.

The food groups are:
·      Cereals and yams,
·      Fruits,
·      Vegetables,
·      Milk or milk products,
·      Fish, pulses, meat and eggs,
·      Nuts and oil seeds.
In order to obtain a healthy diet, eat at least from these 6 food groups. That is exactly our customary habit. The diet of many of us lacks variety or adequate amounts of indispensable nutrients. A "Healthy" diet not only supplies all the nutrients but also supplies them in amounts adequate for the individual's daily needs. 

How do you select a healthy diet?

Select the diet on the nutrient content and the quantity of each nutrient in a particular food. The following table shows the 3 main types of food, classified according to their function that will covers the nutrient requirements taken into account in the above six groups of foods.

Function of foods
Major nutrients
Food sources
Other nutrients
Energy giving
Carbohydrate and fats

Cereals - Rice, wheat, bread, kurakkan, meneri, maize, sorghum.
Yams - manioc, sweet potato, potato, innala, kiriala, king yam. 
Starchy fruits - Jak, bread fruit,
Protein, calcium, iron, B-complex vitamins.

Fats – coconut, palm oil, gingili oil, soya, olive oil, sunflower oil etc., butter, margarine, ghee.
Nuts and oil seeds - coconut, ground nuts, gingili, cashew nuts, kottang
Sugars – white and brown sugar, jaggery, treacle, honey.
Fat-soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids.

Proteins, vitamins, minerals

Body building

Meat – chicken, beef, pork, liver.
Fish – sea, fresh water and dried fish 
Pulses - green gram, soya bean, cowpea, ulundu, kadala, lentil.
B-complex vitamins, iron, calcium, iodine, fat.
B-complex vitamins,

Milk or milk products – milk, cheese, fermented milk, yoghurt.
Calcium, vitamin A, riboflavin, vitaminB12
Body protective
Vitamins and minerals

Leafy vegetables–kankun, spinach, gotukola, mukunuwenna, sarana katurumurunga (Agathi).
Fruit and root vegetables–gourds, brinjals, ash plantains, okra, tomato, innala.
Fruits - plantain, mango, papaw, pineapple, oranges, guava, avocado
Carbohydrates, Protein

Please refer to our next article for recommendations 


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  2. What are the Lankan foods/vegetables with high amount of Vitamin K , to avoid, for a Warfarin user????

  3. This web site should contain a list of all Lankan vegetables (with Sinhala names) and their nutritional plus vitamin contents (as in WHO guide in English for English foods and vegs available in the foreign countries). We lack such a list for Sinhala Elavalu, so that senior citizens could avoid such vegs. , not good for their ailments.


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