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Friday, July 8, 2011

Health Benefits of the Soya Bean |රස ගුණ පිරි සෝයා බෝංචි


Soya has been an all time favorite food across the globe for decades.

Composition of soya: 
  • Protein (g): 51.5%
  • Carbohydrate (g): 33.9%
  • Total Lipid (g): 1.2%
  • Total dietary fibre (g): 17
  •  High in soluble fibre.
Soya bean is not consumed in the raw state and processing helps to destroy the anti-nutritive substances, e.g. trypsin inhibitors and improve the nutritive value.

(Trypsin: a catalyst in the hydrolysis of peptides into amino acids. This is a vital step as peptides are too big to  pass through the lining of the small intestines). 
    Soya has low glycaemic index & moderately low glycaemic load with insulin sparing effect which helps in control of type 2 diabetes. In addition soya has cholesterol lowering effect and antiangiogenic effect of isoflavones may prevent diabetic retinopathy & diabetic nephropathy. 

    Isoflavones in soya is structurally similar to mammalian oestradiol (hence called  phytoestrogens) and major compounds are: daidzein and genistein which occur in foods as glycosides. It is not oestrogenically active unless deconjugated. Therefore few studies have shown the protective effect of soy bean isoflavones for breast cancer and lower risk for endometrial cancer. 

    (Isoflavones: organic compound. Has antioxidant properties)

    Studies have shown that soy protein improves lipids levels. Especially it reduces the LDL, Triglycerides and increases the HDL levels, which will reduce the risk of getting heart attacks.

    Written by
    -Dr. Renuka Jayatissa


    1. Thank you very much for this valuable post !

      Could you please advice on the best way to prepare Soya,since since some preperation methods may destroy it's nutrition value.

      Also its intersting to know what happens in processing soya beans .

      Thank you !

    2. Please advise on the protein content of a serving of curried soya. Also, how can a pregnant lady, who is lacto vegetarian optimise dietary protein?

    3. TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) Soya has 69 grams of Protein in 100 grams.Most soy products, with the exception of whole soybeans, are very well digested. Values for digestibility of steamed soybeans, full-fat soy flour, defatted soy flour, tofu and soy protein isolate are 65, 75 to 92, 84 to 90, 93 and 93 to 97 percent respectively. The high digestibility of soy protein products contributes to the overall high protein quality

      You can improve your protein content by consuming 3servings of milk and 3 servings of pulses or soya per day.

      1.Young VR. J Am Diet Assoc 91:828, 1991.
      2.Synder HE, Kwon TW. Soybean Utilization. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York, 1987.

    4. Soya Milk – soya milk produced from the beans has a peculiar flavor or taste making it unpalatable. What is this due to? Will the reason for unpalatability of the milk in any way be harmful if the milk or other products are consumed? - Thank you. T. de Silva


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