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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Comment by our Blog Readers

"This is indeed a big modern step to improve accessibility and benefit to the Sri Lankan community"
Farman Nizar,
Head of OTC (Wellness),
Swiss Biogenics Ltd.

"Hearty congrats on venturing into new territory! This is a first as far as I know for the MRI / MOH" 
Dr. Reggie Perera,  
Hon. Senior Fellow PGIM,
Consultant in Health System Management & Community Health,
Former Secretary, Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Welfare.

"Glad to see on of our units getting IT into proper use..! I think we all can learn few things from "The Nutrition Team" lead by Dr. Renuka Jayatissa"
Dr. Anil Samaranayake,
Former Research Fellow [University of Melbourne],
Consultant Community Physician.

"Thank you for informing us about the launch of the blog "Nutrition and lifestyle" by Medical Research Institute. We will be sure to follow the blog regularly!"
Jacqueline Lye,
IOF Asia Pacific Office,
IOF - International Osteoporosis Foundation.

"It is really good, informative, helpful and beautiful. Congrats for you and your team's hard work"
Dr. Manjula Danansuriya (MBBS, MSc, MD),
Family Health Bureau.

"I went through the information. That will be a marvelous opportunity for the readers. Congratulations!"
Dr. C.M Wickramatilake,
Dept of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine,
University of Ruhuna, Galle.

"Congratulations, I am very proud of your work"
Kumudu Wijewardena.

"Thank you very much for you sharing with us news and updated information on Nutrition and wish you the same to continue and also for improvements. I will send more comment on this later and pl keep link with me for any update"
R.H.W.A Kumarasiri,
Director/WFP Projects,
M/Economic Development.

"I will ask my IT Savvy Children to join the blog"
Prof. Rezvi Sheriff, Director, 
PGIM, Sri Lanka.

"I congratulate you on your work in Nutrition in SL. Lets join hands and help SL in the development of these ideas! Prevention of disease is so important for a developing country as Sri Lanka"
Prof. Nihal S. DeSilva, 
Washington University/Environmental Health & Allergy/BioGene, Inc/Prevention,
St. Louis, MO, USA.

"This will be a very useful website. Pl continue with your all good work"
Dr. Padma S. Gunaratna,
Consultant Neurologist, NHSL, Sri Lanka.

"We can look at publishing some of your work in our magazine"
Roshan Madawela
The Big Issue Sri Lanka - Magazine.

"I have gone through the blog and it is very interesting. Most Sri Lankans are guided by wrong nutritional information (obtained mostly from the web or through e-mail). So this a very good way to provide them correct information"
Tissa Amarakoon,
Department of Chemistry,
University of Kelaniya. 

"Good work. Timely need for the country"
Priyanwada Amarasekara

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