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Monday, January 23, 2012


Try the Automated quiz here....



Put a tick to every statement that you can honestly agree with and see how you measure up.

1. I eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables a day (One portion should be around 80g or 3 tablespoons full cooked vegetables or green leaves)

2. When I snack I generally stick to nuts, fruits or vegetables snacks

3. I limit my intake of high-fat or sugary foods to a minimum of one a day

4. I understand the difference between types of fat (saturated and unsaturated fat) and always opt for heart friendly options when cooking

5. I believe in eating what I want but in moderation

6. I never skip main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

7. My daily diet is varied and full of colours (green, yellow, red etc.)

8. I eat fish at least twice a week

9. I rarely eat processed foods

10. I include all 5 food groups in my daily meals (cereals, vegetables, fruits, milk or milk products, pulses /fish / meat / eggs or soya)

How did you do?

1-3 TICKS You could definitely do better. Take the time to notice what and when you’re eating, and follow some of the advice above to develop new eating habits that will ensure good health.

4-7 TICKS You’re on the right path, but perhaps some of the facts above will help to modify your diet to form even better patterns of eating. When it comes to nutrition every little bit really does help.

8-10 TICKS Congratulations – you enjoy a healthy lifestyle and no doubt this is reflected in your health. Hopefully you’ve achieved a balance between healthy eating and enjoying your food in moderation.

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